Primary Care & Internal Medicine

Family Healthcare in Sequim, WA

Pacific Family & Internal Medicine is a family medical practice in Sequim, WA. Since 2013, we have provided individuals of all ages with quality, patient-centered healthcare services. Our team of doctors, physician assistant, nurse practitioner, and professional support staff are committed to providing you and your family with dedicated care. We take a holistic approach to medical care and our providers have nearly 100 years of combined experience.

We offer family medical services including:

Primary Care

As a primary care provider, we are your source for your day-to-day health concerns. Attending annual visits to your primary care doctor can help you better monitor your health, which can reduce your long-term health concerns. Our team will work with you to establish healthy habits and address any concerns you may have.

Internal Medicine

Internal Medicine physicians provide medical care for adults. This medical specialty focuses on preventing, diagnosing, and treating adult diseases. Our internists function as primary care physicians and provide a range of outpatient services.

Pediatric Care

Pediatric Care focuses on medical care for children from birth until adolescence. Our providers care for children of all ages and stages of development. We work together with parents to promote wellness and healthy habits in children. We provide basic pediatric care including wellness exams, vaccinations, annual physicals, sick visits, and more.

Geriatric Medicine

Geriatric Medicine focuses on the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of disease in older adults. As we age, our medical needs change. Geriatric physicians focus on the medical conditions that specifically affect older individuals. We can help evaluate if a patient is able to properly care for themselves.

Telehealth Services (coming soon)

To better serve our patients in local assisted living facilities, skilled nursing facilities, and long-term care facilities, we provide telehealth services. Our virtual waiting room allows you to talk with Dr. Mathew from the comfort of home, manage your patient account, and more.

In-House Procedures

We offer several in-house procedures to reduce the error risk for our patients, and help them save time and money. These procedures include: EKGs, ZIO(14 – day cardiac event monitors), INR, A1c, Urinalysis, and Spirometry (pulmonary function).

Preventive Medicine

An important part of family medicine is preventive care. Our preventive services focus on helping patients achieve and maintain good health and to prevent disease. Annual Wellness Exams help us monitor any changes in a patient’s health and help them take a proactive approach to improving their health. In addition, we provide Chronic Care Management, and a 24/7 Chronic Care, specialized Nurse Hotline for all patients. This includes non-Medicare patients.

Cancer Screenings

Cancer Screenings play an important role in early detection and defense against the disease. If cancer is found early—before any symptoms are apparent—it may be easier to treat. Screenings include physical exams and reviewing your medical history, laboratory tests, and imaging procedures.

Cardiovascular Screenings

As a participating provider in the Million Hearts initiative, our practice is working to reduce Cardiovascular/Stroke in patients from 40 to 79 years old. Most of our patients qualify for this program. We focus on preventive care through diagnostics and monitoring, patient education, wellness exams, and ongoing monitoring of a patient’s cardiac health.

Women’s Health

No matter what stage of life you are in, our practice understands the unique medical needs women have. We offer a range of women’s health services to help our female patients enjoy every stage of life and develop great health and wellness habits.

Dedicated to Affordable & Accessible Medical Care in Sequim, WA

Our team of healthcare professionals work to keep our medical services affordable and accessible to patients. We offer a comprehensive range of primary care services including 24/7 On-Call services. Our doctors, physician assistant, nurse practitioner, and staff are proud to serve patients of all ages.

For more information about our services, or to schedule an appointment, please contact us today at 360-775-3515 or fill out our online appointment request.